Welcome to Indizil – Connecting Cultures

In 2017, Indizil was born with a mission to redefine the image of Brazil in the hearts of the tourists. We hop miles by taking the roads seldom travelled and destinations that are less explored.

Who Are We?

Indizil was found by Sanu Pillai, who is an Indian residing in Brazil since 2012. We are Sanu and Aline, a multicultural Indian-Brazilian couple. We desire to discover the untraveled destinations of Brazil by doing short weekend trips while working full-time. Sanu has travelled around 22 states of Brazil and hence, has a good knowledge of the places and different cultures. As the journey of these two Indizilians started, they found many people around who wanted to join them and have a taste of this mesmerizing country.

Although, this was not a planned venture but it came out to be one of the most needed platform when it comes to exploring Brazil. It is observed that there are few major issues such as languages, security and transportation that makes it difficult for people to travel around the country. With an aim to cover all these issues, we are here for you, so that you can have a comfortable and stress-free travel experience.

Our Mission

The tagline ‘Connecting Cultures’ says it all, we aim to connect India and Brazil through these fun trips. The primary focus of Indizil is to provide our clients with an enjoyable and relaxed travel experience with our unparalleled standards in customer service and safety. We take great pride in escorting and guiding our guests in discovering the real essence of Brazil in the best possible way. Our itineraries are well-planned and designed in a way that will give you enough time to enjoy the destination as well as the journey.

Our Vision

We aspire to bring a perfect blend of family travel, couple travel and adventure travel. We arrange trips that are short, cost-effective and well thought to make the most of your journey. At Indizil, we strive to build trust and assurance, so that you can have a safe and unforgettable voyage throughout Brazil. In other words, we are a one-stop solution for all your travel requirements in Brazil.

"Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions."

Whether you are here for a year or for few months and wish to experience some less known but beautiful locations in Brazil then you are at the right place. With minimal cost, friendly guide with the knowledge of local language and complete safety, we are sure that you will have a great time. Join us in this wanderlust of fun, adventure, food, culture and nature.