Ubatuba – Let’s go for a nature walk
Ubatuba – Let’s go for a nature walk
1 days R$250
Overview of the place

If you enjoy walking and exploring amidst nature, then Ubatuba is the destination for you. Hiking through the 7 Paradisal Beaches of Ubatuba is a must for nature and adventure lovers. The mix of crystal-clear water, bight sand and dense forest is a real feast for the senses.
The 7 beaches trail has most of its path covered by Atlantic Forest and easily accessible. However, there are some difficult paths, but can be done by children and even seniors who are will to walk. IndiZil tours offer a perfect itinerary to explore this splendid natural beauty.

Places to visit
Praia da Lagoinha (Lagoinha Beach)
Trilha das 7 praias (Trail of 7 beaches)
Visit 7 stunning beaches
10 km walking through the beaches
Accompanied with English,Hindi, Portuguese speaking Guide
Trilha das 7 praias (Trail of 7 beaches)

The trailhead starts at Lagoinha Beach, and goes through Praia de Oeste, Praia do Peres, Praia do Bonete, Praia Grande do Bonete, Praia Deserta, Praia do Cedro (one of the most famous of the destination), ending at Praia da Fortaleza on the other side of a peninsula that cuts the clear water coastline.
It’s a trail of 10km that can be done in a day in approximately 5 hours.

Lagoinha Beach – The trail starts at Praia da Lagoinha, which is one of the most visited beaches and considered an ease access point to start the 7 beaches trek.

Praia do Oeste – After a few meters of walk you can see Praia do Oeste. It is a smaller beach with some scattered rock formations. This is a perfect beach for children as it has no waves and crystal-clear water.

Praia do Peres – Praia do Peres is a very beautiful beach with several rocks along the bright sand. It is also possible to see some coral beauty in the clear water and if we are lucky enough, we see some inhabitants such as turtles and fish.

Excerpt – The stretch between Praia do Peres and Praia do Bonete is a little long, but the walk is rewarded right at entrance of the beach with completely wild and paradisiacal climate and scenery.

Praia Deserta – As its name suggests, Praia Deserta(Desert beach) does not receive many travelers but it’s an ideal destination to relax, enjoy the view and hear the sound of the waves.

Praia do Cedro – This next beach is Praia do Cedro, one of the famous beaches in the region. It has transparent waters that are on the open sea side. Undoubtedly, it has one of the most breathtaking views.

In addition, on the way you can also get to know Pontão da Costa. A place where a gigantic rock meets the sea forming a kind of fort. Thus, it is the ideal place to have a snack and take some pictures before reaching the final destination: Fortaleza Beach.

An important tip is to bring water and food along with you, as during the journey the chances of finding a street vendor is almost impossible.

Additional Information

Travel timings

  • No of Days: 1 day
  • Pick up point: Your location
  • Pick up time: 5-6 am (based on your location)
  • Drop point: Your location
  • Drop time: Midnight


  • Transportation and all the entrance fees
  • Indian guide with English/Hindi/Portuguese proficiency. Guide will be with the visitor from the pickup time till the drop.


  • Anything which is not mentioned above (in inclusion)

Cancellation charges -

  • 0% for cancellation before 30 days of the trip schedule date.
  • 25% for cancellation between 7 and 30 days of the trip schedule date.
  • 50% for cancellation between 1 and 6 days of the trip schedule date.
  • 100% for cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.

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